DWS Coach has been providing reliable and personalized service with party buses since 2011. We take pride in our safe and comfortable trips on the party bus. I take care of my passengers with the same attention as if they were my family or friends. I don’t just provide bus transportation between point A and point B, like some of the impersonal big limo companies. because I am the owner and the operator, I am able to provide you with a much more personalized service. As a very professional, well trained and experienced bus driver, my goal is to give you a safe and comfortable bus ride and I am constantly complimented on doing exactly that.
Are you looking for party bus transportation with style or would you like to be entertained and educated on one of our unique and fun bus tours?
(The wheelchair accessible coach is unfortunately not currently in service. I am striving to acquire a new coach that is wheelchair accessible. I will update this site and www.facebook.com/dws.coach as soon as I do have a new wheelchair accessible bus.)

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Holiday Lights Tours

holiday lights denver bus tour

FREE Broncos shuttle bus!!!
broncos shuttle bus

broncos shuttle bus for all home games. Click here to view departure information.

Red Rocks party bus special!

red rocks amphitheater party busOnly $650 for the entire night! Call to reserve it or for more details.